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Distracted driving is a problem that is here to stay

The results of a research study conducted online by auto insurance giant Progressive suggest that distracted driving in Virginia and across the country is a dangerous practice that is not likely to go away soon. The study was based on an online survey with a sample size of around 1,000 insured American drivers, and the majority believe that distracted driving behaviors such as texting and driving should be illegal. However, they also believe that this standard should not directly apply to them.

Collision avoidance technology can cut accident rates

Collision avoidance systems are cutting accidents and related injuries for Virginia drivers and passengers, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Technologies like lane departure warning systems or blind spot alerts can help to diminish the risk of collisions.

Shocking device aims to keep drivers alert on the road

Drowsy driving can be one of the biggest yet most unexpected threats on Virginia roads. While the dangers of driving under the influence are widely known, the hazards of driving while sleepy are far less publicized. However, sleepy drivers who doze off on the road could cause up to 6,000 fatal car crashes each year on American roads.

Tesla Model S performs worse than expected in crash tests

Virginia residents may have heard Tesla CEO Elon Musk's comments about the safety features of his company's flagship Model S sedan. Musk said that it is the safest car in history, but that was not the conclusion of crash testers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The nonprofit organization recently put six full-sized sedans through a series of scientifically designed accident tests, and the Tesla Model S was one of three that failed to earn a place on its list of the safest vehicles available in America.

Driving dangers during the Fourth of July

According to Travelers Companies, Inc., out of the holidays that occur during the summer, drivers in Virginia and the rest of the nation are at the most risk for motor vehicle accidents during the Fourth of July holiday. Information gathered by the company regarding 2012 to 2016 auto claims indicate that drivers make 7 percent more motor vehicle accident claims during the Fourth of July and the preceding three days than they do for the Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that for the past 10 years, the Fourth of July has been on average the most lethal day for drivers.

Apple to unveil new anti-distracted driving software: Is it enough?

After spending years talking about its commitment to reducing distracted driving, smartphone manufacturer Apple earlier this month unveiled an enhanced "do not disturb" mode in its upcoming iPhone operating system.

NSC to hold Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April

The number of distracted driving accidents in Virginia and around the country has increased alarmingly in the past several years, and most road safety advocates have concluded that an epidemic of cellphone use while behind the wheel is largely to blame. The National Safety Council observes its annual Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April, and data from two surveys suggests that efforts to reduce driver distraction could save even more lives than previous campaigns aimed at curbing drunk driving.

Did someone else's drowsy driving cause your car accident?

Imagine getting an early start on your cross country road trip at 4 a.m. The traffic will be light, so you will be able to log some serious miles before the rush hits. As you drive out of town, a car you were passing veers into your lane, so you take evasive action to avoid it. You had to put your car in a ditch to avoid the other driver.