Serious Legal Problems Require Serious Representation

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Serving Southside Virginia For Over Six Decades

Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, was founded by attorney Charles Carter in the mid-1950’s. He quickly became a trailblazing personal injury trial lawyer in Southside Virginia, establishing a reputation as someone willing to fight for those who needed compensation the most.

Today, our firm’s reputation has only grown, and we still rise above the rest. Now led by attorney Stephen G. Bass, our firm’s mission and commitment to providing high-quality representation for our clients is unchanged.

Building Cases The Right Way

While it seems that more and more people want everything right now, we know that when seeking personal injury compensation that will address present and future needs, you need to work carefully to build the strongest possible case.

When you are our client, you can count on an attorney who work closely with you to learn the details of your story and conduct thorough investigations into the facts using the help of outside experts and investigators to find the right evidence and witnesses. That type of thorough preparation and skill at trial is what leads to clients maximizing the compensation they recover, instead of receiving quick-fix settlements.

Your Hometown Lawyer

When you need positive results, a local attorney who knows the community and its citizens and will sit and talk with you serve you more personally than a face on television or voice on the phone with whom you have little direct personal contact. Our firm has always operated from downtown Danville, serving the community that we have all been a part of for decades.

Let us put our reputation, skills and experience to work for you. To learn more about how we can help, call Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, at or or send us an email.