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Construction employee may have been negligent prior to car crash

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2013 | Car Accidents

We’ve all had that moment out on the road where a nearby vehicle is doing something that, in your opinion, is stupid. “What is that driver thinking?” you may ask, either aloud or in your head. That is almost always accompanied by some hesitancy or a tap of the brakes, simply because you really don’t know what the vehicle is going to do next.

The circumstances would be a little different for every person — maybe someone unreservedly backs out of their driveway, or a person changes lanes in a defiant way — but in any case, an accident was possible, if not likely. One woman who was injured in a car accident under circumstances similar to these examples has filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver and the company he works for.

The accident occurred between the woman’s vehicle and a vehicle operated by an Asphalt Contractors employee. The employee continually moved his vehicle back and forth between a parking lot and the street which the woman was traveling on. As she approached the employee’s vehicle, he backed up his car and struck the woman’s vehicle. She is suing the two parties for the injuries she suffered (which include head and neck injuries).

The woman will have to prove that the driver was acting in a negligent and unsafe manner in the build-up to the wreck. This can be difficult in some accidents, and it is why accident victims need to consult an attorney before moving forward with any legal action.

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