Virginia car crash kills 2 — cause under investigation

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Sometimes, it seems as if no plausible reason exists for how an accident began. When that happens, it is up to law enforcement officials to attempt to determine what went wrong. Virginia State Police investigators are doing just that in connection with a fatal car crash that occurred on Feb. 6.

A passenger vehicle and a flatbed truck were both traveling north on Interstate 95 that morning. The passenger car was in the far inside lane when the driver somehow lost control of the vehicle and ended up in the path of the truck, which was in the center lane. The truck driver was unable to avoid colliding with the car.

The impact carried both vehicles back into the inside lane near the retaining wall. The out-of-control vehicles struck another passenger car in the process. The first vehicle and the truck then continued forward nearly 150 feet before coming to a stop.

The occupants of all three vehicles were properly restrained at the time of the crash. This may have spared the truck driver and the driver of the third vehicle from suffering any injuries. Sadly, seat belts were not enough to save the driver and passenger in the vehicle whose driver apparently initiated the accident. Both of them died in the collision.

Many Virginia residents know the pain of losing a loved one. Some of those families experienced that loss when a family member was suddenly and violently taken from them in a car crash. The families of the driver and passenger are undoubtedly grieving for their loss. The family of the passenger retains the right to pursue a civil action against the estate of the driver, seeking restitution for financial losses stemming from the fatal crash. If the family proves to the court the driver was negligent, the court may award damages that could defray the costs associated with an unexpected death.

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