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Fiery head-on collision kills Virginia woman, injures another

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2014 | Car Accidents

As Virginia drivers make their way to work each morning, many are contemplating the day’s activities as they travel routes they have traveled countless times before without incident. A firefighter on his way to work may have been doing just this when the unexpected happened. He was involved in a head-on collision that sent him to the hospital and killed the other driver.

It was Saturday, March 29, at approximately 7:30 a.m. when the Virginia firefighter was heading south. At the same time, a woman was driving north on the same road. For a reason that may never be known, her pickup truck left the road and ended up on the right shoulder. She attempted to get back onto the road, but instead she swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic.

She did so directly in the path of the firefighter’s southbound pickup truck, and the two vehicles slammed into each other head-on. One of the two pickup trucks then burst into flames. Fortunately, passersby freed the firefighter from the wreckage. He was seriously injured and remained hospitalized in serious condition at last report. Sadly, the 62-year-old Virginia Beach woman in the other pickup truck suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene.

Virginia firefighters put their lives in danger every time they answer a call and valiantly accept that they could be seriously injured or killed. Many firefighters, this one included, may not consider an unforeseen danger such as a head-on collision while off-duty. This man could have a long recovery ahead of him, and it could be some time before he is able to return to work. He retains the right to file a personal injury claim against the estate of the deceased woman seeking damages such as his out-of-pocket medical expenses and the wages he is losing — and will lose — as he recovers.

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