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Motorcycle crashes into another, causing injuries to both riders

Many Virginia drivers know the headache of stop and go traffic on the country's Interstates and highways. Traffic can be moving one minute and then come to a screeching halt with no warning. Often, this is when a number of motor vehicle crashes occur.

Truck driver killed in Virginia accident, driver of car charged

Virginia residents may not consider the fact that a smaller vehicle could pose a danger to the driver of an 18-wheeler. News stories regarding crashes involving big rigs typically report that the truck driver walked away with no injuries. However, it is also possible for the truck driver to be the one injured or killed in an accident with a smaller vehicle.

Coroner releases information regarding hot-air baloon fatalities

Most everyone in Virginia heard about the hot-air balloon accident that occurred recently. As investigators continue to look for pieces of the wreckage and complete their investigation, the Medical Examiner's Office released information regarding the causes of the fatalities. One of the passengers and the pilot died from blunt force trauma to various parts of their bodies. The second passenger died from an acute thermal injury.

Tow truck driver fatally injured in crash, driver flees

It can be frightening and frustrating for Virginia drivers to break down on an Interstate highway. At that moment, the tow truck driver that comes to save the day may as well be a super hero. For one stranded family whose vehicle broke down recently, the tow truck driver may have saved them from being seriously injured as well. Unfortunately, it cost him his life.