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Motorcycle crashes into another, causing injuries to both riders

On Behalf of | May 26, 2014 | Car Accidents

Many Virginia drivers know the headache of stop and go traffic on the country’s Interstates and highways. Traffic can be moving one minute and then come to a screeching halt with no warning. Often, this is when a number of motor vehicle crashes occur.

Recently, two motorcycle riders ended up in the hospital with varying injuries. As they traveled on U.S. 220 Bypass, one of them slowed suddenly. The second motorcycle rider crashed into the first. Both bikes went down, and an 18-wheeler behind them was unable to avoid colliding with the trailing motorcycle.

The rider that stopped short suffered injuries severe enough to warrant being flown to an area hospital. The other biker was also injured and taken to another hospital. Their updated medical current conditions were not reported.

Authorities charged the trailing rider who failed to stop in time with failing to maintain appropriate control of his vehicle. The wreck is still under investigation by the Virginia State Police. It is not clear whether any additional charges are contemplated. For the moment, it appears that the cause of the accident is attributed to the actions of the second biker in following too closely behind his friend.

As the two riders recover from their injuries, they are undoubtedly incurring expenses that ordinarily result from these types of crashes, such as medical bills and possibly lost wages from employment. If the preliminary assessment of law enforcement personnel is confirmed by subsequent investigation, the biker who was rear-ended by his friend may opt to pursue a claim for financial relief. If the accused man is convicted of failure to properly control his motorcycle, proof of that may be offered in any attempt to establish financial liability in civil court.

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