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Woman charged with Danville bus crash

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | Car Accidents

Danville school buses are almost always the safest way for children to get to school. Students riding a bus are 50 times more likely to arrive safely at school then if they drove themselves or got a ride. Unfortunately, bus accidents still occur like a recent car accident that occurred in Danville.

Recently, a bus accident occurred near the GLH Johnson Elementary School. The bus was unloading students at the time with another vehicle stopped behind it. A second car neglected to stop and hit the car stopped behind the school bus, forcing it to hit the bus. One student on the bus suffered from passenger injuries and was taken to a local hospital. The driver of the car which failed to stop has been charged with driving on a suspended operator’s license and failure to maintain proper control of vehicle.

Car crashes can happen at any time. No one plans to be involved in a car accident, and certainly, no one expects to have their children involved in a bus accident. These accidents occur in a split second and can unfortunately have life-long consequences. When the accident occurs because of the negligence of another person compensation can be available for victims and their families.

A legal professional skilled in personal injury can help victims of these accidents. They can visit the accident scene, interview witnesses, examine evidence and determine what happened to cause the accident. They can hold negligent parties responsible for their actions and recover compensation for victims for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

Car accidents happen every day in Virginia. It is important for drivers to stay alert and aware at all times so that accidents do not occur. But, when accidents do occur, holding negligent parties responsible can help make sure they don’t hurt anyone else.

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