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How to help prevent distracted driving

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Car Accidents

As we discussed last week, distracted driving is a major problem on our roads today in Virginia. With so many people now owning smart phones, the temptation to engage in distracted driving has never been stronger. There are some tips for drivers to help avoid distracted driving.

Distracted driving is driving while not giving the road your full and complete attention. When you don’t give driving your full attention you are at risk of causing a serious car accident. In order to avoid distracted driving, drivers should fully focus on driving. They should use their mirrors and be cautious around pedestrians and bicyclists. If you have loose items, be sure they are secured before driving so you’re not tempted to reach for them. Also, make sure children and pets are completely secured before driving. If they need attention, pull off the road to assist them.

Driver should also complete any grooming before driving and try not to eat while driving as well. And finally, put away all electronic devices before driving. If you think you may be tempted by a device, power it off or place it in the back seat or trunk where it is completely inaccessible. Anything that takes your attention away from driving is a distraction and should be taken care of before you start driving.

Because distracted driving is a major contributor to car accidents in Virginia, it is important for drivers to know how they can prevent driving while distracted. Although not all distracted driving can be prevented, drivers can do their part to make sure their full attention is spent on the road.

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