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We provide can help after devastating truck accidents in Virginia

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2014 | Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks can often be seen on Virginia highways. They speed past passenger cars as they are trying to deliver consumer goods and other resources across the state and country. While semi-trucks provide a valuable service, truck drivers often risk the safety of themselves and others in order to make tight and unrealistic deadlines. These deadlines are often the byproduct of time pressured placed on truck companies who are simply worried about their own bottom line.

Since 1954, our firm has been dealing with the aftermath of rushed trucking practices. We know how dangerous these commercial vehicles are when mixed with tired, distracted or drunk truck drivers. Even when simple mistakes are made, the consequences can be deadly.

The federal government has worked to try and make the industry safer by passing a series of safety regulations. However, these regulations are often ignored by truck companies and truck drivers as they work to maximize their own income.

At Carter Craig, our attorneys work with clients who have been in an accident involving a truck. Truck accidents can leave people with devastating injuries and huge financial burdens. Our firm investigates the accident to make sure all negligent parties are brought to justice. In these cases, the truck company, the truck driver or both could be responsible for the cost of the accident. Our firm works to hold all responsible parties liable by exposing safety regulation violations and negligent behavior.

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