Medical Expense Coverage and Your Auto Policy

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Medical insurance? On my auto policy? What’s that you say? Did not know that.

Many of our clients with Virginia policies find that this low cost addition to their automobile insurance policy is missing. Or, sometimes worse, they are afraid to claim the benefit or are encouraged to “get it from the other driver”.

Do you have this benefit?  Look at the declaration page of your automobile policy issued in Virginia.  That’s the page that comes once a year at the time you annually renew and has all the figures showing what coverages you carry.  The medical expense coverage is usually found as coverage C.  Virginia law does not require that you carry the insurance.

The amount can vary, if you do carry the coverage, from $500 to as much as several thousand dollars.  The coverage amount is multiplied times the number of vehicles insured on the policy.

Why is it important?  Payment of this benefit is not based on fault, and applies to the driver and all passengers in the insured vehicle, if there is a vehicle collision causing injury.  The benefit even applies to named insureds and qualifying family members of the household while they are riding in another’s vehicle when they receive an injury.  You can collect the benefit even if you have applicable health insurance to help pay your bills and even if you can collect from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance.  The benefit is payable to the injured person, not to the health care provider, based upon the medical expenses the injured person incurs due to the covered injury. Beware however if you “assign” your benefit to a health care provider before you receive treatment or if Medicare is paying for your treatment.  In either case, you may owe some or all of the benefit to others.

Don’t know about your specific circumstances, but most people who have been injured can use some money while they recuperate.  Medical expense coverage can be fairly simple and quick to collect, even without the intervention of an attorney.