The consequences of drunk driving in Virginia

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

A law in Virginia states that the act of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or above violates the law. Virginia law has strict measures to deter drivers from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, because drunk driving accidents can take a huge toll on a victim’s life, often leading to catastrophic injuries or even a fatality.

If a person is driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol that even slightly impairs his driving ability, it can result in a conviction. In addition to this, any person who is under the age of 21 is legally prohibited from consuming alcohol. The act of driving a motor vehicle by a person who is under the age of 21 after illegally drinking alcohol can lead to serious legal consequences.

For drivers aged 21 years or younger, if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.02 percent or more, the case will be taken to the juvenile or domestic district court. The violators of this law can face serious legal charges. A chemical test is administered to check the blood alcohol concentration.

Failing to comply with these driving rules can lead to forfeiture of an individual’s driver’s license for at least one year from the date of conviction. The violator also may have to pay a fine of up to $500 and complete a mandatory minimum of 50 hours of community service. Additionally, the driver will be ordered to attend an Alcohol Safety Action Program if convicted.

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