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We help resolve workers’ compensation claims in Virginia

On Behalf of | May 6, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Most employers in Virginia are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance by law. Workers’ compensation is a form of self-insurance by the employer that ensures that all workers injured in a workplace accident or incident can apply for and received workers’ compensation payments. Attorney Carter Craig has represented many injured Virginia workers to help these injured employees receive the benefits owed them.

Workers who are injured on the job often suffer severe head injuries, neck injuries, fractures and limb amputations. These kinds of injuries are serious medical conditions that often cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses and take weeks, months or years of recovery, causing high rehabilitation fees. The worker, as well as his or her dependents and relatives, has the legal right to file for workers’ compensation benefits in order to help pay these big medical bills so financial security will not be lost as a result of the workplace injury.

While most workers have the right to workers’ compensation, the road to receiving benefits may not be as straightforward as expected. In some cases, employers question the validity of the claim due to the circumstances of the worker’s injuries. Often the claim is that the injury did not occur in the workplace or during the course of employment. The amount of workers’ compensation due is also often the subject of a legal dispute.

Attorneys in the office of Carter Craig often garner eyewitness accounts, scrutinize preliminary investigation reports conducted by the employer, commission their own reports and review medical expert testimony in order to present the worker’s side in court. The amount of injury caused, along with the body part injured or lost, may also figure into the computation of workers’ compensation amounts in certain cases.