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Getting compensation for DUI victims

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving under the influence of alcohol is always a bad idea. Virginia law is strict when it comes to drunk driving. Driving under the influence is not only dangerous for the driver, but it is also a potential threat to other people on the road. Many people understand that alcohol and other drugs impair the person’s ability to drive, which often leads to a slow reaction time and bad judgment. The permissible blood alcohol level in Virginia is 0.08 percent, and anything above that amount may be punishable under the law. The rules are also very strict for drivers under the age of 21 who have been stopped for a DUI.

If a person has been convicted of a DUI, the consequences may include the person’s driver’s license being suspended for at least one year and a fine of $500. 50 hours of community service may also be ordered and the person may have to attend an alcohol safety program. The convicted person may also have to face a jail term and an ignition interlock device may be installed in that person’s vehicle.

If the person is a repeat offender, the penalty for DUI will increase with each offense. A repeat offender’s driver’s license may be suspended for three years and the convicted person may have to serve a jail term of one year. If it is determined that the person is driving on a suspended license, the consequence of that may be a prison term of five years and a fine of $2,500.

With the right approach, the victims of DUI accidents may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the accused driver, which may help the person to obtain compensation for their injuries. Our law firm has experience in handling personal injury cases and we attempt to help our clients get the best possible outcome.