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How can workers protect themselves from electrical injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2015 | Workers' Compensation


Almost everyone works in some capacity with electricity — even if it’s just in an office where electricity powers the lights and computers needed to work. However, some workers have a more intimate relationship with electricity. They understand, first hand, just how dangerous it can be. They know that workplace deaths occur because of electrical mishaps and injuries. This includes deaths like the recent tragic story highlighted on this blog. In that case, a falling electrical line knocked a worker to his death.

These types of accidents, however, don’t have to occur. There are safety regulations that can be put in place in the work environment to prevent electrocution and other similar industrial accidents. These precautions should be taken by employers and employees in an attempt to keep everyone safe.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, there are several ways to prevent being injured on the job by an electrical hazard. First, people need to be aware of the dangers. Individuals should never assume that an electrical line is down. Instead, workers should stay away from all electrical lines, even if they appear down, insulated or otherwise off. They should never approach a downed line or touch anything near a downed line. Instead, those who see a downed line should immediately call the authorities and power company for help.

Also, Virginia workers should avoid working with electricity or electrical equipment unless they are specifically trained. They should never operate anything electrical while in water or in a damp location. People should not attempt to repair electrical cords or other machines without authorization. And, workers need to make sure that electrical equipment is in good working condition before using it at all.

Despite taking these safety precautions, though, many find themselves with serious injuries caused by a workplace accident. When a worker is injured on the job because of electricity or some other hazard, that person may be entitled to compensation. This can be extremely helpful in maintaining financial stability while a victim seeks to recover his or her health and get back to work. An attorney can provide specific legal advice about whether or not a workers’ compensation claim is appropriate in a particular instance, so those who have been hurt may want to consider an initial consultation.