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Distracted driving prevention for commercial truck drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks can be dangerous to other drivers. Even in minor truck accidents, people can suffer serious injuries. Truck accidents are oftentimes caused by negligent truck drivers. Truck drivers can engage in a variety of dangerous behavior that put others at risk. One such type of behavior is distracted driving.

In today’s society, people are constantly connected to the outside world via their cell phones and other technology. This technology, while providing many benefits, can be distracting to drivers on the roads. It can cause people to look away from the road or to turn their attention elsewhere.

In an effort to keep people safe on the roads, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has placed limits on the use of technology by truck drivers. Under these rules, truck drivers have extremely limited access to technology while behind the wheel.

According to federal safety regulations, commercial truck drivers cannot text while driving. This means that they cannot enter, read or send electronic messages while behind the wheel. This rule is not limited to text messages, but also includes using social media, emailing, instant messaging or accessing the Internet.

Truck drivers are also limited in their use of cell phones to make phone calls while driving. They are only allowed to use phones if they can do so via a hands-free device. They must be able to operate the phone with a single button or using voice commands.

While these rules are in place to keep people safe, some truck drivers choose to ignore them. When a distracted driver causes a truck accident, victims need to understand their legal rights. With the right approach, victims may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation for their injuries.