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Signs of elder abuse by a caregiver

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2015 | Wrongful Death

Baby boomers are quickly reaching retirement age and many need to depend on others for their care. As Americans age, many elders are relying on caretakers to meet their basic needs. Sometimes these caretakers are working in a nursing home setting.

Elderly individuals are often at risk for neglect and abuse. If these people do not receive proper care, accidents can happen that ultimately lead to their death. These sensitive individuals face a variety of challenging medical situations that can be complicated by negligence. If neglected, elderly individuals can suffer fatal illnesses or injuries. It is important for Virginia residents to understand the signs of elder abuse to hopefully prevent a nursing home death.

For example, a lack of basic hygiene and appropriate clothing can signal elder abuse and neglect. Additionally, a lack of proper medical aids — like a walker, dentures, medications, glasses or hearing aid — can also signal abuse. If a person’s home is left dirty, cluttered or in disrepair, or if a person’s home lacks basic facilities and appliances, the person may be suffering from elder abuse. Other signs of elder abuse include untreated bedsores, a lack of food or a lack of proper supervision for a person with dementia. If these signs are present, an elderly person could be at risk for serious accidents or illnesses.

When the negligence of another person causes the death of an elderly individual, the negligent party could be held responsible. Nursing home neglect and abuse can easily lead to the death of a person in this vulnerable population.

People who have lost loved ones because of the abuse in a nursing home or care facility should understand their legal rights. With the right approach, a wrongful death lawsuit can be brought to give the family some sense of justice. While financial damages cannot compensate Virginia residents for their loss, these damages can help to ensure people do not suffer financially because of the negligence of another.