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Six injured in a bus stop crash in Virginia; driver charged

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2015 | Car Accidents


Many Virginia residents associate the dangers of automobiles to those traveling on the roadways. However, a person does not need to be a driver or passenger in a vehicle to be harmed by a motor vehicle. In fact, many dangers and hazards are present for those walking or biking near roads. A pedestrian accident could occur when a driver fails to take caution or is negligent. Moreover, these types of accidents are often severe because a person is not able to stand up to the size and strength of a vehicle, even when it is traveling at slow speeds.

According to recent reports, an auto-pedestrian accident recently occurred at a Richmond bus stop. Authorities in Virginia responded to the crash, and preliminary reports indicate that the crash occurred when a SUV collided with a suburban Richmond bus stop. It is believed that the accident began when a car crossed an intersection and hit an SUV. This caused the SUV to run off the road, hitting a bus stop shelter and bench.

Emergency crews responded to the collision. Six people were injured as a result of this collision. One of the children struck at the bus stop reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries. An investigation is ongoing, and charges have been filed against the driver of the car.

Police have indicated that the driver of the car that struck the SUV was charged with reckless driving and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. It is unclear at this time what exactly caused the accident, but once the investigation is complete the individuals who were harmed in the incident might have legal recourses available.

A personal injury claim could help injured accident victims prove liability against a negligent driver, helping them collect compensation for the serious injuries and damages suffered as a result of the accident. Those harmed in a pedestrian accident should understand their rights and what options are available to them. This could help them offset financial burdens associated with the accident and assist them with the injury recovery process.

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