Technological advances and distracted driving
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The technological capabilities of smartphones these days are truly astounding. Gone are the days where a phone was simply that -- a phone. Today's smartphones can make phone calls, send text messages, surf the internet, take photographs, serve as navigational systems and so much more. While some people in Virginia feel that they simply cannot put their smartphones down there is one situation in which it is never OK to send a text, surf the Internet, take a photo or talk on the phone: while driving.

In fact, Virginia has laws regarding the use of cellphones while driving. These laws apply not just to Virginia residents, but to anyone driving on Virginia's roads. First of all, if a driver is age 18 or under, that driver may not use a cellphone while driving, period. Moreover, texting and driving is against the law for all drivers in Virginia.

That being said, texting and driving is only one distraction Virginia drivers face. Eating while driving is a distraction. Personal grooming while driving is a distraction. Reading while driving is a distraction. In fact, simply having a conversation with other passengers while driving can be distracting.

In the end, it is up to drivers not to be distracted from the task at hand: driving. If a distracted driver causes a car accident that injures or kills another individual, that driver could face liability. Victims of such accidents could find that they have suffered severe physical injuries and emotional trauma. They may want to hold the right parties accountable, but they may not know how. That is when having legal help can be invaluable. The professionals at Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law have helped many individuals in Virginia learn more about how the law applies to their situation, so they can determine what action to take. The following information on texting and driving may help individuals who are victims of such accidents learn more about their rights.

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