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Returning to work with modified duties after an injury

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

A Virginia work accident can cost an employee in lost wages and the employer in lost productivity. While workers need time to recover from their injuries after an accident, returning to the job sooner rather than later can improve their finances. Employers also benefit when an injured employee returns to work because they do not have to train new staff.

Many employers have return-to-work programs that help injured workers get back to their jobs sooner. These programs may allow injured workers to perform modified job duties that will not strain them while they are recovering from their injuries. A doctor may be able to recommend tasks that are appropriate for an injured worker.

It is important that people allow their body to heal from their injuries by avoiding strenuous work. However, staying at home too long may have a negative effect on an injured worker, and work can be therapeutic in some cases. There have been studies that showed that injured workers are able to recover from their injuries faster once they return to their jobs. Statistics show that people who are out for 12 months only have a 50 percent chance of returning to work at all.

Most Virginia employers are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. Benefits that are often provided in the event of a workplace injury accident can include the furnishing of medical care and treatment as well as partial wage replacement. As the process is subject to strict time limitations, many injured workers obtain the assistance of an attorney when they are preparing and filing their claims.