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December 2016 Archives


Stopping workplace injuries by using smartphones

Virginia residents who work in the manufacturing industry as well as their employers may be concerned about finding new ways of reducing or eliminating workplace injuries. The current methods for accurately assessing the risk of injury leave for a particular job are lacking. However, researchers believe that existing computer technology may be able to address the issue.

Snapchat filter may encourage reckless driving

For many Virginia residents, Snapchat is a way to stay connected to family and friends. However, there is concern that one Snapchat filter may be encouraging reckless driving. This speed filter, which shows just how fast a person is driving when the app is being used, has been linked to several traffic fatalities.

CVSA releases safety campaign results

Drivers in Virginia may be enjoying safer roads this year than last, but data collected by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliances yielded mixed results. A week-long campaign, dubbed Operation Safe Driver, resulted in commercial and passenger vehicles being pulled over across the United States and Canada, with the drivers being issued citations or warnings.

Less Hollywood film revenue may be creating unsafe sets

With the advent of online video streaming, Virginia residents are much less likely to purchase DVDs than they used to be. Now that film production studios cannot rely on DVD sales for a steady stream of revenue, the overall profitability of Hollywood films is going down. Many observers say that the lost revenue is resulting in budget pressures that are making film sets unsafe for the crews.

Hazards of hot work

Many people in Virginia perform work that involves materials that reach extremely hot temperatures. Hot work may involve the use of fire, spark-producing tools, or welding and soldering equipment. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, people who do hot work are at risk for injuries from fires, hot work equipment, flammable gas leaks or combustible materials.