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September 2017 Archives


Safety tips to mitigate the hazards of nighttime driving

Evenings in Virginia herald the coming of night when safety hazards on the road increase. Starting at dusk, visibility declines, especially for older drivers. With reduced visibility, the potential of striking another vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist or animal increases. The National Safety Council has developed advice meant to provide drivers with strategies for staying safe after dark.

Distracted driving is a problem that is here to stay

The results of a research study conducted online by auto insurance giant Progressive suggest that distracted driving in Virginia and across the country is a dangerous practice that is not likely to go away soon. The study was based on an online survey with a sample size of around 1,000 insured American drivers, and the majority believe that distracted driving behaviors such as texting and driving should be illegal. However, they also believe that this standard should not directly apply to them.

SIF prevention programs may improve workplace safety

Increasingly, workplace safety experts are advocating an approach focusing on serious injury and fatality prevention rather than one that is based on responding to injuries. For example, in a Virginia workplace where one employee is injured in an accident and another nearly falls from a scaffold, only the former incident will generally be reported to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.