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Autumn driving can be hazardous

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | Car Accidents

Virginia motorists know that the fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. However, it can also present special challenges and dangers for drivers.

One of the top reasons that autumn driving can be dangerous is the changing weather conditions. Rain, fog and frost are more common during fall months, which can lead to slippery road conditions and limited visibility. Falling leaves can also make streets slick and obscure road markings. Fall days are shorter, so drivers are forced to drive in the dark more often, which can lead to more car accidents. Meanwhile, children have returned to school, so there are more cars on the road and more pedestrians on the crosswalks. The autumn is also mating and migration season for deer, so the chances of encountering a deer while driving increase during the last months of the year.

In order to be prepared for fall driving hazards, experts recommend that drivers slow down and leave plenty of space between their car and the vehicle in front of them. Drivers are also encouraged to scrape all frost from their windows to increase visibility, use low beams in foggy weather and make sure their tires are properly inflated. They should be on the lookout for wildlife, particularly in the early morning and at dusk.

Each fall, thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents across the U.S. In order to recover medical expenses, lost wages and other damages, many injured victims are forced to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash. Car accident victims could have their case assessed and learn more about their legal rights by speaking with an attorney.

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