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Blind spots and workplace safety

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

People in Virginia who work in loading dock areas or large fulfillment warehouses are at risk of incurring injury from collisions caused by the lack of sufficient visibility. Workplaces where heavy equipment, like forklifts, are operated near people who are walking at intersections, loading docks or blind spots are not safe. Near misses, which can result in a worker falling or dropping a hazardous product or chemical, can also result in injuries.

The safety measures that are in place in such workplaces do not provide complete safety. For example, forklifts that make warning sounds when they are in reverse can be drowned out by the noises outside and inside the workplace. Workers may also become so used to the sounds of the warning that they no longer pay attention to them.

While there are several types of equipment available that can make the workplace safer, collisions can be prevented with industrial-grade domes and safety mirrors. There are multiple factors that determine the best types of mirrors and domes to use. Some of these elements include the type of vehicles that are used in the work area, the way in which aisles intersect and how traffic flows. Whether a mirror is resistant to shattering, the weather is severe or a mirror can be easily attached to a certain type of surface are other issues to keep in mind. Mirrors that have been customized and have special features may be what are needed for vehicle operators and other workers to have the visibility needed to navigate the workspace safely.

Injured workers may be legally entitled to workers’ compensation. A personal injury attorney may assist individuals who sustained repetitive stress injuries, back injuries, occupational diseases or toxic exposure while performing their job duties with appealing denied benefits or insufficient settlements.