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Car accidents can increase due to daylight time change

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Car Accidents

The annual shifting of the clock from daylight savings time to standard time can be a concern for Virginia drivers and people on the roadways across the United States. Areas with wildlife presence may be particularly at risk of an increase in auto accidents, especially as the hours of darkness extend into previously daylight-filled hours.

The change of time schedules that takes place in the fall tends to align with one of the peak mating seasons for deer and other wildlife. It also comes before bears go into hibernation and are still looking for food as they need to consume more calories before resting for the winter. Just like drivers, animals have fewer daylight hours to complete their daily activities and may have difficulty seeing in the increased darkness.

There are thousands of wildlife collisions that take place in states across the country each year. November is one of the months with the highest rate of animal-related car accidents. These accidents regularly cause property damage in the thousands of dollars, but they could also lead to personal injuries to drivers and passengers.

Some safety tips can help protect drivers from animal-related auto accidents and other kinds of roadway dangers. Slowing down while driving can help prevent accidents by increasing a driver’s ability to see animals or other obstacles on dark streets as well as allowing drivers to react more precisely in case of a concern. Staying alert is also important for safe driving, particularly in the darker hours between dusk and dawn.

Keeping a close eye on the road ahead can help a driver to remain aware of risks on the way, whether those posed by wildlife or by other vehicles. Drowsy drivers can be a real danger on the road, especially in dark hours. Drivers and passengers who are injured on the road through no fault of their own may have a claim to pursue for their damages, including medical bills and other costs. A personal injury lawyer can help to seek compensation in these cases.