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Using pumps can help protect worker safety

Workers in Virginia who use electronic gas detectors in order to ensure a job safe environment often utilize pumps with those devices. The choice to use a monitor with or without a pump can have major implications for workplace safety and avoiding dangerous incidents. Using a gas monitor with a pump can help to increase safety for tasks involving the measurement or detection of combustible or toxic gases in the atmosphere. This is because a pump can help workers collect air from the environment in one place and assess it with the monitor in an area that is already known to be safe.

NTSB brings attention to speeding and rise of traffic fatalities

Virginia has not been immune to the rising death rate on the nation's roads. Federal regulators and safety advocates have speculated that smartphone use and higher volumes of traffic are reducing safety, but a study from the National Transportation Safety Board points the finger of blame at speeding.

Criteria when reporting a car crash

A car accident can happen anywhere on the road at any time. While there's rarely a good time for a Virginia resident or anyone else to get into an accident, it's important to know what to do in the moments and days that follow. An individual who causes a crash may have no choice but to report it to their insurance company as well as to relevant authorities.

Facing aggressive drivers while avoiding road rage

Many drivers have first- or second-hand knowledge of road rage, and they would agree that it can endanger everyone on the road. That's why people in Virginia and across the U.S. should consider the following tips on dealing with aggressive drivers and avoiding road rage.

OSHA wins court battle over silica rule

More than two million workers in Virginia and around the country have jobs that expose them to airborne silica. In March 2016, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration published an update to its rule on silica that reduced permissible levels to 50 micrograms for every cubic meter of air over an eight-hour period. Workplace safety advocates welcomed the updated OSHA rule as it halved the amount of silica permissible in most industries and reduced it by 80 percent in the construction sector, but the announcement was widely criticized by trade groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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