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Facing aggressive drivers while avoiding road rage

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2018 | Car Accidents

Many drivers have first- or second-hand knowledge of road rage, and they would agree that it can endanger everyone on the road. That’s why people in Virginia and across the U.S. should consider the following tips on dealing with aggressive drivers and avoiding road rage.

When people are cut off, intimidated or bullied in some other way, they should keep calm and, at the very least, refrain from offending the other driver by making eye contact or inflammatory gestures. Individuals can listen to soothing music, like classical, and tell themselves how pointless their anger ultimately is. When a parking spot is stolen from them, drivers should simply assume that the other person did not see them so as to avoid angry thoughts.

In some cases, though, drivers will need to take definite action. If someone is being aggressive because he or she wants to pass in the fast lane, drivers should move over as soon as it’s safe to do so. They should not speed up or slow down in the process, and they should use their turn signal to prevent the aggressive driver from making any sudden movements. In traffic jams, people should strive to not anger anyone by weaving in and out of traffic and driving too closely others’ bumpers.

Aggressive drivers are usually impatient, so it’s not surprising that they often cause rear-end collisions among other accidents. When the other party’s guilt is clear, victims may feel confident that they have a viable personal injury claim. However, they should still seek legal counsel as a lawyer can help build a case by bringing together police reports, medical documents and other paperwork. An attorney can also negotiate on a client’s behalf with the other driver’s insurance company. A victim can then choose to litigate if the insurance company refuses to pay out or offers a low settlement amount.