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Alarms, cameras and sensors support construction site safety

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Construction sites in Virginia are typically noisy and dusty with people and machinery in constant motion. Advances in technology have added tools that can be used on heavy machinery to help operators and people on the ground avoid accidental injury or death.

The White Sound BBS-TEK reversing alarm improves upon the beeping that heavy equipment has used for years to signal that a machine is backing up. The beep noise has proven itself difficult for people to determine the direction that it is coming from, especially if multiple machines are beeping. People are better able to judge the directional source of the shushing sound made by the white noise alarm. They can even hear it through ear protection.

New cameras outfitted on heavy equipment allow operators to observe their surroundings more completely. The elimination of blind spots reduces the chance of an operator driving over someone. Similarly, radar sensors create alerts when people are too close to a truck, excavator or bulldozer.

This technology has the potential to lower the number of people hurt at construction sites. Workers in this industry face many hazards, and workplace accidents affect about 10 percent of construction workers annually. Fatal accidents represent a significant problem as well: In 2015, 937 people died at private construction sites nationwide.

When a person is injured on the job, the employer’s workers compensation insurance is supposed to pay for medical expenses and lost pay. However, a worker might have trouble getting information about the insurance benefits. If an employer is discouraging the reporting of an accident or an insurance company has denied a claim, then an attorney might act to protect the person’s rights. This service may include arranging for an independent medical evaluation and filing a lawsuit.