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Reducing the odds of a fall at work

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

In 2014, 660 workers died after a fall from heights while another 138 died after a fall from the same level. Virginia residents may be prone to falling if they work in the same area for a long period of time. Workers can become complacent and not stay vigilant about potential hazards. Ideally, individuals will walk in a controlled manner and avoid using a cellphone.

Workers should wear shoes or other footwear that is appropriate for the conditions in which they work. Those who are working at heights should know that their ladders are securely on the ground, and they should also be sure to wear fall protection equipment. Ladders should never be used if it is windy or poor weather conditions are present. Guardrails should be available and used properly when working on raised platforms.

It’s important that workers never assume anyone else is going to take steps to get rid of a hazard. Instead, they should take steps to mitigate a dangerous condition on their own such as cleaning up a spill or removing an object. If an employer is going to ask a person to work at heights, a full hazard study should be conducted. A plan to prevent falls should be created before any work begins.

A person who is injured on the job could be entitled to workers compensation benefits. This is generally true even if an individual was partially at fault for causing the accident to occur. An attorney may help a worker file a benefits claim or assist those who have had their claims denied. Injured workers should tell their employers about an accident right away and seek initial treatment as soon as possible. This may help minimize any long-term damage to their bodies.