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How the risk for car accidents increases in the summer

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | Firm News

Summer is a time for people of all ages to venture outside of their daily routines and take advantage of the warmer weather. Virginia is a state that numerous tourists stop by at this time, as Virginia Beach is one of the top U.S. summer destinations.

However, more people in the area also means more chances for car accidents. It does not help that summer offers some of the riskiest road conditions and driver behavior in the state. Before you go out to enjoy the sun, be careful of these ill-prepared drivers that share the road with you.

People who don’t prepare for the sun.

Daytime is longer in the summer, as the sun is out for more hours than during the other seasons. This means there are more times in the day where the sun can blind drivers. In these conditions, drivers should use sunglasses or the sun visors in their car to minimize the amount of glare in their eyes.

The worst times to drive are during sunrises and sunsets. For most summer drivers, this happens when they are driving to work and when they are heading home. Even if some drivers do not apply protection for the glare, they should maintain a larger distance from other vehicles to avoid any potential crashes.

Cars hurt by the heat.

Vehicles are more vulnerable to equipment failure in the summer thanks to rising temperatures. Heat has a higher chance of draining car battery life as it can cause the liquids in the battery to evaporate, causing some drivers to have their cars die on them in the middle of the road if they do not pay attention to warning signs.

Batteries are not the only parts to worry about. The intense heat can have negative effects on car tires. This includes over inflation, deterioration and disassembling the two layers of rubber of the tire. Drivers that have worn out or improperly inflated tires are at high risk of tire blowouts and causing traffic accidents.

More inexperienced and reckless drivers.

With school out, expect more teenagers who just got their licenses to occupy the streets. Studies show that there is a dramatic increase in accidents for teenagers in the summer due to their inexperience and more frequent road access. The studies also show that the most common reasons these crashes occur are from teenagers speeding or getting distracted on their phone.

While summer also includes a higher share of distracted and drunk driving, it also brings more dangerous driving habits. Certain beach goers drive in flip flops or bare feet which do not work well when braking. Some drivers do not adjust to the increase in cyclists and construction on the road. Others fail to properly hydrate themselves before taking off and lose focus.

No matter how good of a driver you are, there are always going to be people on the road who lack preparation, experience or proper safety techniques for the summer. Be cautious as the roads increase with tourists and negligent drivers when you go out to enjoy the sun.