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Avoiding behind the wheel distractions

Distracted driving claimed almost 3,500 lives around the country in 2015 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but many road safety advocates say that government accident statistics greatly underrepresent the problem and the true death toll is actually much higher. The recent surge in distracted driving accidents and deaths is often blamed on cellphone use, but eating, talking to passengers, adjusting entertainment systems and lighting a cigarette can be just as dangerous for Virginia motorists and their passengers.

Traffic circles can reduce car accident injuries

Many Virginia drivers know of specific intersections that are frequently the site of serious traffic accidents, especially in some of the more rural areas of the state. Because they receive lower traffic density than urban areas, some rural intersections may be marked by only a stop sign. At the same time, however, they may have high speed limits with cars legally traveling at up to 55 mph. This means that despite the low traffic density, when an accident does happen, it can be severe or even deadly. The problem is exacerbated at night, in bad weather or when visibility is obstructed due to bushes, trees and vegetation.

Truck driver drowsiness could be deadly

Drowsiness is a symptom that affects us all. You could be a student dozing off in class, a commuter yawning on the highway or a nurse starting another 14-hour shift. According to the American Sleep Association, drowsiness during the day can decrease quality of life. However, drowsiness in truck drivers may result in much deadlier consequences.

Best practices for handling hazardous materials

When Virginia workers handle chemicals or other dangerous materials, they could face an increased risk of getting hurt. Therefore, it is important to have a safety plan in place that can protect employees while handling such materials. Workers can help themselves by following safety protocols and completing a task as they have been trained to do. They can also help themselves by not handling any container that is not labeled or is not clearly labeled.

Five steps to keep workers safe around machinery

Virginia residents who work around machinery, whether heavy duty or smaller and easier to operate, know that there are hazards involved. Improper use of machinery, in addition to poor maintenance and a lack of protective guarding, can raise the risk for an injury. Employees and employers alike should consider the five safety tips below to prevent any machinery-related incidents.

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