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Officials search for cause of construction accident that killed 2

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

A deadly scaffolding collapse at an out-of-state construction site for a hotel resort serves as a reminder to workers in Virginia of workplace hazards. Two men, ages 34 and 46, perished at the scene of the accident on Aug. 29 after a scaffold collapsed beneath them during the pouring of concrete. The fatal incident shocked workers. One iron welder told reporters that federal safety inspectors had been at the site every day and that he did not know what could have gone wrong.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently participating in the investigation led by the local sheriff’s department. A law enforcement spokeswoman said that the agency had started a death investigation and wanted to confirm that the collapse was an accident.

Authorities reported that about 20 other workers were present when the men the died. A third man almost fell from the collapsed scaffolding as well, but he held on until his co-workers managed to get him to safety. The $282 million construction project is for the 516-room JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort. A statement from Marriott International indicated that DCS Investment Holdings managed the construction site.

When injuries or deaths occur at a work site, the worker’s compensation insurance provided by the employer could be a source of medical benefits and replacement income. A worker who needs to make an insurance claim, however, must report the accident and meet strict filing deadlines. If an employer or insurer blocks someone from collecting benefits, the representation of an attorney could challenge tactics meant to deprive the injured worker of paid medical care and lost wages. An attorney could file a lawsuit to assert the worker’s right to pursue a fair settlement.