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Safety tips for using your GPS

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Firm News

The days of memorizing directions and studying maps have passed. Now, most people use a GPS application on their smartphone to navigate the roads.

However, taking your eyes off of the road can be dangerous. Virginia lawmakers have proposed bills that would eliminate hand-held cellphones. Yet, these bills usually provide exceptions to GPS use. If you regularly rely on your GPS to get from point A to point B, follow these safety tips to avoid an accident.

Type in your destination before starting the vehicle

Many drivers may hop in the vehicle and start heading to an unknown destination before typing their destination into their GPS.

Being a block away from your house, does not reduce your risk of getting involved in an accident. In fact, most car accidents happen within 25 miles of your home.

Make sure to input your destination into your phone to keep from taking your attention off of the road while moving.

Preview your trip

Before you start following directions, preview your trip to get an idea of where you are headed. Take note of the following:

  • Your first exit
  • Major highways you’ll be taking
  • Number of miles you’ll be traveling
  • Whether there is heavy traffic

Use a car phone charger

There’s nothing worse than your cellphone or GPS running out of battery power while you are traveling on the highway at 65 miles per hour with no idea what your next exit is.

Plug your GPS device into a car charger every time you use it to ensure that you won’t become lost or miss your turn.

Use voice

Make sure the voice setting is switch on, so that your device provides you with instructions out loud. This will allow you to keep your eyes on the road. Just make sure to allow keep your music volume and conversation level low, so that you can hear the instructions.

Use a mountable clip

It is unlawful to use a windshield mounting device in Virginia. However, you may use a console mount or ask a friend to direct you in order to keep both hands on the wheel.

If you are involved in an accident, always seek medical attention—even if you aren’t sure whether you have been hurt. Then, talk to a personal injury lawyer about whether you may be able to claim damages.