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Limo in fatal crash failed two New York safety inspections

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Wrongful Death

The probe into the limousine crash that took the lives of 20 people on Saturday, October 6 continues to reveal concerning new information about the limo company prior to the accident. The investigation thus far paints a picture of a company owner whose negligence may have caused 20 people in New York to lose their lives.

The investigation uncovered two failed safety inspections that occurred the month before the crash. It was also determined that the limo’s license plate was swapped out with another plate at some point, but the limo involved in the crash was the same vehicle that was repeatedly cited. The New York State Department of Transportation revealed that the limousine was cited in March 2018 for ‘Brake Connections with Constrictions Under Vehicle” and ‘Brakes out of Service.” The report indicated that when the limo was reinspected six months later, these brake failures were never repaired.

Approximately one month after the second failed inspection, the limousine and its 20 passengers rolled through the Route 30 intersection in Schoharie, New York. The limousine careened through the intersection, entered a parking lot and struck an unoccupied Toyota Highlander. After striking the Highlander, the limousine continued on its path until it crashed into a ravine. It is not yet known if the brake failures discovered months earlier caused the crash.

The families of the victims in this case will want answers, and they may retain an attorney to help make that happen. A lawyer with experience in wrongful death and personal injury cases may be able to provide some insight into what happened. An attorney will review the facts of the case in an attempt to identify all the parties who may be responsible for the crash.

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