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Avoiding scaffolding accidents among employees

In 2016, OSHA gave 3,900 citations to employers for improper scaffolding practices. They ranked third among OSHA violations that year, and the situation has not changed all that much since then. Scaffolding accidents continue to be a common source of injury among construction workers in Virginia and across the U.S. Of the 2.3 million construction workers who use scaffolding regularly, about 4,500 are injured every year. About 60 are killed.

Drunk driving crash fatalities and their causes

Drunk driving crashes are to blame for approximately a third of all deaths relating to traffic injuries. In Virginia, as elsewhere, the motorists who are most susceptible to drunk driving crashes are drivers under 24, motorcyclists, those with prior DUI convictions and those who combine alcohol consumption with drugs or medications.

Underride guards could save lives of car occupants

Virginia residents should be aware of a push to get lawmakers to pass legislation protecting car occupants from underride crashes. The legislation is aimed at requiring all trucks to have guards on their sides and fronts to prevent vehicles from sliding under them. Currently, underride guards are only required on the backs of trucks. The bill being discussed by federal lawmakers would also require that annual truck inspection include these guards to ensure they are properly attached and in good condition. However, the legislation has not moved forward since it was introduced and is not expected to be discussed again until early 2019.

ZF reveals benefits of external airbag tech

Some Virginia drivers may have heard about external airbags. While the technology is a long way from being perfected, much less implemented on new vehicles, its benefits are clear and may encourage more car parts manufacturers to consider it. One of these manufacturers, the ZF Group, has found that in the event of a side impact crash, external airbags could reduce occupants' injury severity by as much as 40 percent.

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