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Keep your eyes open for these forms of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Firm News

As the driver of a motor vehicle, it’s your responsibility to keep your eyes and attention on the road at all times. If you neglect to do this, even for a second, it can result in a serious accident.

Since there are so many forms of distracted driving, it’s not always easy to avoid each and every one. Fortunately, with the appropriate knowledge, you can get into the right frame of mind every time you get behind the wheel.

Here are seven of the most common forms of distracted driving:

  • Texting: This is at the top of every distracted driving list, as many people give way to this temptation as they’re driving. If you need to send a text message, move your vehicle to safety before doing so.
  • Talking on the phone: It doesn’t appear as dangerous as texting, but it can still take your mind away from the task at hand. If you’re going to talk on the phone, use a hands free device to ensure that you maintain full control of your vehicle.
  • Adjusting vehicle controls: This includes everything from the radio to the climate control system.
  • Eating or drinking: Many people do this to save time, such as by eating breakfast in their vehicle on the way to work. When you do this, it’s impossible to keep both hands on the steering wheel.
  • Reaching for an object: Maybe you’re reaching for your phone that’s slipped under your seat. Or maybe you’re reaching for a toy that your child lost in the backseat. When you do this, you’re taking at least one hand off the wheel. You’re also taking your eyes off the road.
  • Conversing with passengers: Passengers can often be the biggest distraction in your vehicle, especially if they don’t understand the importance of allowing you to concentrate on the road.
  • Daydreaming: You try to focus on the road, but your mind continually wanders back to something else. This can be something as simple as what you’re going to eat for dinner or what you’re going to say during your big work meeting.

Even if you’re prepared to avoid these forms of distracted driving, someone else could make a mistake that causes an accident.

If a distracted driver strikes your vehicle, move to safety and call 911. The responding officer can create a police report, which you can use when filing an insurance claim and seeking ways to hold the negligent driver responsible.