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What to know about common workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Workers in Virginia and throughout the country could be hurt in workplace accidents. Slips, trips and falls are the most common reason why individuals get hurt on the job. In many cases, individuals slip on wet or oily floors or trip because they couldn’t clearly see an obstacle in front of them. This type of accident tends to result in broken bones, back injuries and pulled muscles.

Motor vehicle accidents are another common cause of workplace injuries. Individuals could be injured either while traveling for work or while driving around a warehouse or construction site. Transportation accidents most often happen in the agricultural sector, but they can also occur in manufacturing plants or other workplaces. An explosion in the workplace could cause a variety of different injuries. Those who are in close proximity to a blast could experience injuries to their ears or lungs.

Those who are close to a blast could be injured by objects flying into them. In some cases, the workers themselves are lifted up and carried into nearby objects. Workers who are required to perform the same tasks multiple times a day could be the victims of back pain or similar injuries. These injuries can result in a financial hit to employers while also resulting in significant long-term impacts to employees.

A person who is injured on the job could be entitled to compensation. Those who receive workers’ compensation benefits may find it easier to pay personal expenses while out of work. It might calso allow a person to have his or her medical bills paid by an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. Workers’ compensation benefits may be paid out for as long as a person is unable to work. In some cases, these benefits might be offered on a permanent basis.