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Truck Safety Coalition wants trucks to use speed limiters

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Truck Accidents

In Virginia, truck drivers cause frequent crashes. A safety coalition sponsored by Road Safe America and the Truck Safety Coalition wants Congress to pass new safety regulations. The coalition contends that heavy-duty trucks need to have automatic emergency braking (AEB) and speed limiters. Crash data regarding truck accidents support the coalition’s case. The president of Road Safe America stated that the organization has been displeased with DOT during the past decade. He hopes that President Trump or Congress will pass the new legislation. He also stated that both political parties have been at a standstill since 2006.

The Road Safe America president mentioned that safety regulations need to change. He wants President Trump to question DOT about the situation. Road Safe America mentioned the fact that Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) research shows that truck drivers should use speed limiters. Otherwise, drivers have a 200 percent greater chance of causing highway-related crashes. He also mentioned that drivers who use limiters are less likely to cause accidents.

The ATA has continuously wanted legislators to pass laws regarding the installation of speed limiters. The organization’s representatives want these speed limiters set to go no higher than 65 miles per hours for trucks manufactured later than 1992. However, the request also stipulates that cars should have exactly the same settings. In addition, both groups advocate installing automatic emergency braking (AEB) in trucks. The installation of AEB systems can prevent nearly 3,000 crashes each year.

People who are suffering from serious injuries caused by distracted truck drivers and other related trucking accidents should contact a personal injury attorney. Accidents caused by trucking company negligence require the immediate attention of a lawyer specializing in truck accident injuries. Due to statutes of limitations, the injured party needs to file a personal injury lawsuit in a timely manner.