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Driving safety on wintry roads in Virginia

As much as people often don't want to think about cold weather and snow, both of those are realities in Virginia. If you are planning on heading out on the roads during the winter months, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared for the journey. It doesn't matter if you are running around the corner to the store or taking a longer trip.

Trucking companies need to prevent underride accidents

Most people on the road understand that large commercial trucks pose a threat to smaller passenger vehicles. The number of serious and fatal crashes with these vehicles is on the rise. Many drivers avoid the areas next to and behind commercial trucks to reduce their risk. However, when traffic is heavy and speeds are high, drivers may have less control over who's in the next lane. No matter how carefully you drive, you simply can't avoid sharing close quarters with a commercial vehicle occasionally.

Exhaustion or fatigue can factor into commercial truck accidents

If you're like most people, you probably feel a bit nervous when you are driving directly next to, in front of or behind a massive commercial truck. There's good reason for that apprehension. Fatal semitruck and eighteen wheeler crashes have been on the rise in recent years, as have accidents with serious injuries. It only takes a second for a commercial truck to jackknife, blocking all traffic. If the vehicle doesn't have adequate underride guards, your vehicle could end up underneath the bigger vehicle. The result can be catastrophic.

Tips to keep a new driver safe

You have spent the last 16 years keeping your son from falling down, getting lost, and making wrong choices. Now, looming on the horizon, is the threat of his Virginia driver's license. You will have to watch as he gets behind the wheel and drives away without you for the first time. It will not be easy and you are not looking forward to it, but you know sooner or later, the day will arrive.