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Technology may stop impaired driving

In 2017, there were 10,874 deaths caused by traffic accidents involving drunk drivers in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Volvo is going to try to make Virginia roads safer by using technology to reduce the chances that a person will drive while influenced by alcohol. The technology is expected to be included in vehicles produced early in the next decade.

How alcohol impacts the human body

Driving on any road can be hazardous when doing so under the influence of alcohol. Even a single drink can impair a driver's judgment and cause that person to feel differently behind the wheel. The legal alcohol limit in Virginia and throughout the U.S. is .08 percent. This is roughly equal to four drinks. Once a driver reaches this level, they may have more difficulty seeing a dangerous situation or reacting to it in a timely manner.

Halloween a scary night on the roads

From trick-or-treating to parties, Halloween night can be an evening of fun for people of all ages in Virginia. However, Halloween night can also be a dangerous time on the roads, especially when drunk driving is involved. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that Halloween night is the worst night each year for drunk driving accidents. From 2012 to 2016, 44 percent of all traffic fatalities that night were linked to drunk drivers.

Warnings about drunk driving and prom season

The warm spring weather should be an obvious sign; prom season will soon be here. With that, high school students throughout our region of southern Virginia look forward to their night of glitz, glamour and fun. But just like other events on the high school calendar, prom night has some unique dangers that can turn to tragedy when alcohol is involved.  

Alcohol and car accidents in Virginia

Most drivers in Virginia recognize that driving is a task that requires their full and undivided attention. Additionally, it requires individuals to have the physical and mental capacity to make quick decisions and execute control. These tasks are nearly impossible when a driver is drunk. As a result, drunk drivers in Virginia can wreak havoc on roadways.

Drunk driver in Virginia hits pedestrian causing injuries

Driving a car is a tremendous responsibility. Another person's life is literally in the hands of the driver. If the driver chooses not to take this responsibility seriously, individuals can be hurt. The driver can ignore this responsibility in many ways. One of the most serious ways that a driver can fail to live up to the this responsibility is by getting behind the wheel while drunk.

Drunk drivers can be held accountable

Virginia residents place a lot of trust in others when they get into their cars. Even the safest drivers need to rely on those around them in order to remain accident free. This is because even when people are safe behind the wheel they cannot control the actions of other drivers. If another driver acts erratically, a safe driver may have no opportunity to avoid an accident.

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