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Cost for fatal car accidents in Virginia tops $800 million

Incidences of car accidents are on the rise across on the country. In fact, car accidents are a major cause of death for teenagers, children and young adults. According to statistics, more than 30,000 people are killed in car collisions nationwide each year. In 2005, fatal car crashes caused losses of $41 billion due to work loss costs and medical expenses. This cost can be significantly reduced if more effective safe driving programs are implemented in the United States.

Common medical mistakes can cause fatalities

Unlike doctors, most Virginians don't have the experience or medical knowledge to treat their own illness and injuries. Therefore, when people go to the doctor, they expect that they will be treated. And when they are released, people generally expect that they will be healthy -- or at least better off. Sadly, people often suffer injuries at the hands of their doctors while in a hospital; many of these injuries are fatal.

Coroner releases information regarding hot-air balloon fatalities

Most everyone in Virginia heard about the hot-air balloon accident that occurred recently. As investigators continue to look for pieces of the wreckage and complete their investigation, the Medical Examiner's Office released information regarding the causes of the fatalities. One of the passengers and the pilot died from blunt force trauma to various parts of their bodies. The second passenger died from an acute thermal injury.

Virginia county starts campaign to reduce pedestrian fatalities

A northern Virginia county recently kicked off a campaign called "Street Smart," aimed at reducing the number of pedestrians and bicycle riders injured or killed in accidents with vehicles. In 2013 alone, 65 of the county's accidents involved pedestrians, and six of those involved fatalities. Another 16 crashes involved bicycle riders, and one of those cyclists died from injuries suffered in the accident.

Police chase ends with fatalities in Virginia

A police chase always presents an element of danger to everyone involved and/or to others in or near the roadway. Illustrating this fact is a police chase that began in a neighboring state and ended in tragedy in Virginia. The pursued vehicle crossed into the state and caused a head-no accident resulting in fatalities. The investigation is ongoing.

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