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Looking Carefully For The Underlying Causes Of Catastrophic Injuries

When we handle cases involving catastrophic injuries and deaths arising out of any type of accident, including car crashes, tractor-trailer accidents, and industrial and workplace accidents, we have learned to look for product liability claims during our investigation. In motor vehicle crashes, some defect, either design or manufacturing, may have played a significant role in causing the accident. A product liability claim focuses on whether the product is defective, or a component part contains the defect.

Sawdust at sawmill traps and kills man in pickup truck

Few, if any, workers go to the job expecting a workday to be their last day alive. Even so, death on the job is a sudden and horrific reality for hundreds of Americans every year. In Virginia, workers are injured every day because of unsafe working conditions. For this reason, workplace safety is a primary concern for the state as well as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Department of Labor, both of which have issued guidelines that every employer must follow to ensure the workplace is safe and workers are protected from physical and psychological trauma.

How Alternative Dispute Resolution helps Virginia's workers

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a holistic approach adopted by Virginia to facilitate better communication between workers and employers in the event of workplace accidents. It can be an effective alternative to litigation for resolving workers' compensation issues.

Worker's compensation claims and disputes in Virginia

Workers in Virginia who are exposed to hazardous work environments may fall victim to workplace accidents. Oftentimes, these work-related injuries occur during working hours and drive low-wage workers deeper into poverty, pushing the workers into economic hardship. Workers in Virginia are entitled to file a claim for worker's compensation benefits under the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act if they are injured on the job.

What rights do injured employees have?

Virginia workers work hard each day at their jobs. Most workplaces are safe and have effective workplace safety provisions in place. But, for some Virginia workers, workplace accidents occur that cause serious injuries and even death. For those workers who have been injured at their job, what rights do they have?

We can help with your workers' compensation claims

Recently, we discussed how Virginia's workers' compensation insurance can help Virginia workers who are injured by workplace accidents on the job. Workers' compensation can help injured workers when they are unable to work by providing for their medical bills, lost wages, retraining, compensation for a permanent disability and benefits to surviving family members if an employee is killed on the job. These benefits can be a major advantage for an injured employee and allow the worker to focus on recovery after the workplace accident.

An overview of Virginia's Workers' Compensation

Virginia residents enjoy a wonderful quality of life and lots of good jobs. Most jobs provide a safe working environment, free of hazards. But, workplace accidents do occur. When they occur, workers' compensation can help injured employees with their financial needs.

Proposal by OSHA would have safety reports available to public

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will propose a major change to the way workplaces and employers would report any accidents or health-related mishaps on their premises. The potential rule would force companies with at least 250 employees to file an electronic report to OSHA every quarter (there are roughly 38,000 employers that fulfill this condition), while companies with at least 20 employees (and other employers who work in high risk industries) would have to file the same electronic report once per year.

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