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The gender gap in workers' compensation benefits

Most Virginia women who are injured on the job are eligible to apply for workers' compensation. As a case in California shows, women who are injured at work may be offered less in workers' compensation benefits than men who sustain similar injuries, however.

Seeking workers' compensation benefits from an employer

For many Virginia construction workers, there are many hazards that they must deal with. While there are many regulations, safety procedures and inspections that are designed to keep them as safe as possible, there are still many hazards that can leave an employee with serious injuries.

What workers' compensation benefits are available in Virginia?

Sometimes being injured on the job means a simple trip to the doctor's office and a day or two off work. However, sometimes an on-the-job injury is more severe, necessitating extensive medical treatment or even round-the-clock care. In these situations an employee may be prevented from working altogether, leading them to wonder what workers' compensation benefits are available in Virginia.

Virginia tire plant employee dies in workplace accident

When one heads out the door to go to work, they certainly don't expect they will never come back. However, a workplace accident can strike just about anyone, particularly those who work with dangerous machinery. One recent accident shows that just about anyone can be the victim of a workplace fatality.

What injuries or diseases may be covered by workers' comp?

When a person in Virginia suffers an injury at work, they could find their whole world turned upside-down. They may have to take time off of work to recover physically, and they may find themselves in need of surgery or rehabilitation. When this happens, they may be concerned about supporting themselves and their families financially.,In situations like this, Virginians may want to consider filing for workers' compensation benefits.

Don't suffer alone following a workplace accident

Workers in Virginia have a variety of protections in place to help them if they are injured at work. Workplace accidents can be scary and leave workers with debilitating injuries. As people recover from injuries, they may be unable to work and therefore suffer financial harm. This harm can be increased as individuals pay for extensive medical treatment following an injury.

Employers responsible for medical treatment in Virginia

Workplace accidents can happen very quickly. It doesn't take much for people to make a mistake and for an accident to occur. However, many workplace accidents are minor. Many people may not even think about the accident after it happens. However, there are situations where more serious workplace accidents occur. In these cases, people can be seriously injured as a result of the accident.

Are there notice requirements for Virginia workers' compensation?

A workplace accident can happen to a Virginia employee without any notice. These accidents can leave employees with serious injuries. While medical treatment should be the first thing on a person's mind after a serious workplace accident, there are other considerations that need to come into play.

Understanding your right to workers' compensation

When employees in Virginia think about their workplace, they likely think about the specific task that they are undertaking. They may not think about the dangers that they could face in a workplace accident. It's often difficult for people to imagine that a workplace accident could really happen to them. However, Virginia workers should know that workplace accidents are common.

How can workers protect themselves from electrical injuries?

Almost everyone works in some capacity with electricity -- even if it's just in an office where electricity powers the lights and computers needed to work. However, some workers have a more intimate relationship with electricity. They understand, first hand, just how dangerous it can be. They know that workplace deaths occur because of electrical mishaps and injuries. This includes deaths like the recent tragic story highlighted on this blog. In that case, a falling electrical line knocked a worker to his death.

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