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How does workers' compensation affect Social Security Disability?

Throughout the United States, including Virginia, anyone who receives Social Security Disability Insurance benefits has met federally mandated eligibility criteria indicating that they are disabled and unable to work. Some of these recipients also receive disability benefits from other sources, including workers' compensation funds in their state and other public benefits. When these additional disability benefits are from certain public entities or meet other conditions, they will not affect the amount of Social Security Disability Insurance that the disabled person will receive. Benefits from workers' comp and certain other funds, however, will lower SSDI benefits, at least in the short term.

Do employers need to protect temporary workers?

In today's economy not everyone is a full time employee. In fact, there are a lot of different arrangements that a person can fit into. Some employees can be part-time, others are independent contractors and some are only temporary workers. With all these different options, people may wonder whether employers are responsible for keeping these employees safe. In particular, temporary workers that may not be at one place for a long time may question if they are protected at work.

What rights do injured employees have?

Virginia workers work hard each day at their jobs. Most workplaces are safe and have effective workplace safety provisions in place. But, for some Virginia workers, workplace accidents occur that cause serious injuries and even death. For those workers who have been injured at their job, what rights do they have?

We can help with your workers' compensation claims

Recently, we discussed how Virginia's workers' compensation insurance can help Virginia workers who are injured by workplace accidents on the job. Workers' compensation can help injured workers when they are unable to work by providing for their medical bills, lost wages, retraining, compensation for a permanent disability and benefits to surviving family members if an employee is killed on the job. These benefits can be a major advantage for an injured employee and allow the worker to focus on recovery after the workplace accident.

An overview of Virginia's Workers' Compensation

Virginia residents enjoy a wonderful quality of life and lots of good jobs. Most jobs provide a safe working environment, free of hazards. But, workplace accidents do occur. When they occur, workers' compensation can help injured employees with their financial needs.

Determining eligibility for Social Security disability benefits

According to the Social Security Administration, one in four workers in their 20s will become disabled before reaching the average retirement age of 67. Many people in Virginia don't have a safety net to fall back on if an injury or accident happens to them rendering them unable to work. Luckily, Social Security disability can be an option.

Truck driver killed in Virginia accident, driver of car charged

Virginia residents may not consider the fact that a smaller vehicle could pose a danger to the driver of an 18-wheeler. News stories regarding crashes involving big rigs typically report that the truck driver walked away with no injuries. However, it is also possible for the truck driver to be the one injured or killed in an accident with a smaller vehicle.

Proposal by OSHA would have safety reports available to public

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will propose a major change to the way workplaces and employers would report any accidents or health-related mishaps on their premises. The potential rule would force companies with at least 250 employees to file an electronic report to OSHA every quarter (there are roughly 38,000 employers that fulfill this condition), while companies with at least 20 employees (and other employers who work in high risk industries) would have to file the same electronic report once per year.

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