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Federal rule aims to curb danger of improper trucker training

Following a five-month delay, new federal regulations that will impact the training of new truckers in Virginia and nationwide are going into effect. The implementation of the training rule was delayed due to reviews of the regulation by the Trump administration.

FMCSA holds meeting on autonomous trucks

Having a person at the controls, a reform in hours of service and potential changes to requirements for and types of commercial driver's licenses were all topics at a listening session of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on April 24. At the session, one person presented the example of an autonomous truck given a choice to hit a group of schoolchildren or a wall as an example of how a Virginia driver may still be needed to take over the controls.

Rise in number of trucks involved in fatal accidents

A report issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration showed that there was an 8 percent increase in the number of large trucks involved in fatal collisions between 2014 and 2015. This information might be important to Virginia motorists, particularly in deciding how to drive around these vehicles and what other safety precautions to take.

Looking Carefully For The Underlying Causes Of Catastrophic Injuries

When we handle cases involving catastrophic injuries and deaths arising out of any type of accident, including car crashes, tractor-trailer accidents, and industrial and workplace accidents, we have learned to look for product liability claims during our investigation. In motor vehicle crashes, some defect, either design or manufacturing, may have played a significant role in causing the accident. A product liability claim focuses on whether the product is defective, or a component part contains the defect.

Crash risk increases for ailing truck drivers

Virginia big rig drivers may be interested in a study that found that commercial truck drivers who have three or more health ailments are four times more likely than their healthier counterparts to crash. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Utah School of Medicine and published in the 'Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine" on Jan. 10.

3 things you should know about semitruck crash causes

Big rig crashes can cause life-altering injuries that will keep you from being able to take care of your family. Because big rigs are so much larger and heavier than any other vehicle on the road, these vehicles can cause devastating injuries. Hopefully you are never in a truck crash, but if you are, here are some things to consider.

NHTSA seeks to curb distracted driving

Traffic accident fatalities in Virginia and around the country are on the rise after years of improving road safety, and distracted driving crashes are a particular concern for federal agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency has released the second phase of its guidelines to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents, and they include a call to cellphone manufacturers to include features in their devices that would restrict their functionality while a vehicle is in motion.

CVSA releases safety campaign results

Drivers in Virginia may be enjoying safer roads this year than last, but data collected by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliances yielded mixed results. A week-long campaign, dubbed Operation Safe Driver, resulted in commercial and passenger vehicles being pulled over across the United States and Canada, with the drivers being issued citations or warnings.

Infrastructure improvements top ATRI autonomous truck to-do list

Road safety experts believe that autonomous vehicles have the potential to virtually eliminate traffic accident injuries and deaths, and the American Transportation Research Institute has been studying the impact that self-driving trucks could have on the logistics industry. The Virginia-based nonprofit organization released their findings in a Nov. 15 report. However, poorly designed roads and regulatory challenges are seen by the group as the biggest impediments to the widespread deployment of autonomous commercial vehicles.

CVSA publishes results of annual safety campaign

Semi-tractor trailers weighing as much as 80,000 pounds are a common sight on the roads of Virginia and around the country, and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance works to ensure that they are properly maintained and operated by drivers who follow federal safety regulations. The nonprofit organization, which is made up of federal, state and local agencies, inspects thousands of vehicles and driver log books each year during a three-day safety effort, and the results of the 2016 International Roadcheck campaign were published on Oct. 20.

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