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Experienced Legal Representation For Victims Of ATV Accidents

Riding ATVs is a popular way for both kids and adults here in Southside Virginia to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, far too many people are hurt or killed every year riding these machines.

According to the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were approximately 97,200 ATV accident-related injuries requiring an ER visit across the country in 2015. On average, 564 adults and 123 children under 16 are killed every year in ATV accidents.

While many of these are caused by riders not taking proper precautions, other accidents happened because the ATVs are poorly designed and unable to perform their advertised functions safely. At Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, of Danville, our lawyers have decades of experience recovering compensation in these complex defective product claims.

What Can Go Wrong With A Poorly Designed ATV?

Most ATVs that are poorly designed feature a center of gravity that is too high. That makes them prone to rolling over when a driver is trying to climb a hill or turn a corner at too high of a speed. However, many rollovers happen when someone is operating it at a safe speed. When a rollover occurs, an ATV with a roof may collapse, known as “roof crush.” This can cause serious injuries.

In many of these rollover accidents, drivers and passengers are thrown from or left trapped underneath the flipped-over ATV. This can lead to paralysis, broken bones, lacerations, traumatic brain injuries and death.

What Your Lawyer Can Do

Our firm invests considerable time and resources into developing these cases. We conduct thorough investigations using the help of proven subject matter experts, including engineers, to determine what caused the accident. We will walk you through what a potential lawsuit would entail and help you think through your options for pursuing compensation.

Talk To The Attorneys Who Have More Than 60 Years Of Experience

These are complex cases requiring attorneys who know what it takes to build a successful claim. To learn why Carter Craig is the right choice, schedule a free consultation online or by calling our Danville office at or .