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Getting Full Value For Your Personal Injury Claim

One of the first questions that people always ask our attorneys at Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, is how much money will they receive for their injuries. The short answer is: it depends. There are many factors at play in a personal injury case that ultimately will decide how much compensation you recover.

When you come to our office in Danville, Virginia, for your free initial consultation, we will take the time to get to know you and the details of your case. This will give us a better idea of the type of case you have.

We Will Always Seek To Maximize Your Compensation

The most common questions that we seek answers to in order to determine a fair amount of compensation that you deserve include:

  • How extensive are your injuries? Will you require long-term care or future surgeries?
  • If you were hurt in a car accident, was the driver drunk or acting recklessly?
  • How long will you have to miss work?
  • What type of insurance coverage does the negligent party have? What other sources of payment may be available to help you?
  • Are you experiencing any long-term effects, such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder?
  • If you lost a loved one, were they the breadwinner for the family? How much did the funeral cost?

While these are all important, the other factor that will have the biggest effect on the compensation you recover is who your lawyer is. At Carter Craig, we are trial lawyers, which means we start preparing for trial on day one. That sends a message to the insurance companies that you intend to pursue the compensation that you think you deserve.

In many cases, we have leveraged our trial readiness and track record into securing favorable settlements for our clients. A firm that operates on securing settlements as quickly as possible will not go to the same lengths to help you, and it may affect the sum you recover.

Schedule A Free Consultation Today To Learn More

To work with attorneys who will look for every source of compensation available to you and work hard to ensure you have the money for your present and long-term needs, contact us today. If we do not win, you will owe no fees. Contact us online or call or to get started.