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Take These Steps To Protect Your Rights And Help Your Legal Case

The aftermath of an accident is an extremely confusing time. However, it is important that you take a few important steps to protect your rights and interests if you think you will want to seek personal injury compensation.

1. Report The Accident To The Police And Your Insurance Company

If you are in a car accident, you should report the accident to the police and give an official statement. Provide as much detail as possible. You should also report your accident to your insurance company. Having an official record of the accident will be useful if you do file a lawsuit.

2. Seek Prompt Medical Attention

Even if you think you are not hurt, you should seek medical attention, either at the scene or from your doctor soon after. Our firm has represented numerous people who thought they were unhurt, only to have injuries slowly reveal themselves days or weeks later. When you go to a doctor, you will have proper evidence of your injuries and their severity that will be essential in determining the value of your claim.

3. Document The Accident Scene If You Can

If you have a smartphone or cellphone with a camera, and you are able, you should try to take pictures of the accident scene. This will include any injuries or damage to the vehicles and any skid marks, a hazard that caused you to slip and fall or a defective device that caused you harm. Additionally, if there were any witnesses, try to get their names and contact information. Accident scenes are not preserved indefinitely, so gathering this information is important.

4. Call A Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury attorney like one at Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, can evaluate your case and help you determine the best way to proceed. Additionally, your attorney will also speak to the insurance adjusters on your behalf to protect your rights and options. It is important to do this step quickly, so your attorney can get to work on starting an investigation. If you wait too long, evidence can be lost and witnesses can forget, which can weaken your case.

5. Do Not Post About Your Case On Social Media

Far too many people these days harm their cases by sharing too much information on social media. Insurance companies now have people looking closely at all of your accounts to look for anything that could damage your claim or your credibility. Do not give them this opportunity.

From this point, you can let us handle the rest. To learn more about how we can help, schedule your free consultation at Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, of Danville, Virginia, by sending us an email or by calling or . You will owe no fees if we cannot recover compensation for you.