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Standing Up For Car Accident Victims

Car accidents happen in the blink of an eye, and soon after you will need to take many important steps to strengthen your case. It is critically important to get legal advice before you sign any settlement agreements or other documents. It is just as important to get comprehensive medical tests, to be sure that your medical care team has a complete picture of any injuries you received.

Since 1954, the Danville, Virginia, law firm of Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, has represented victims of all types of car accidents. We have achieved some of the region’s largest jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of auto accident victims and their families such as:

  • $4.5 million — Brain injury of automobile driver in collision with road construction equipment
  • $1.1 million — Death of an elderly parent in a head-on automobile collision

Experienced Lawyers Handling The Most Complex Cases

We have decades of experience with these types of cases, which can be complex medically, legally and financially. We can help with:

Car crash cases can be extremely complicated. Your attorney will need to work closely with your medical care team to make sure that your injuries have been adequately documented and you are receiving the best possible care for your injuries. We will also work with other experts to ensure we are thorough in determining the amount of compensation that properly addresses your needs and losses. We will always be ready to take your case to trial when necessary.

Get Local Representation From Proven Trial Lawyers

We work hard to provide convenience as well as quality to our clients who are suffering. Our offices in downtown Danville are wheelchair accessible, and we also make home and hospital visits when necessary, even on nights and weekends.

To learn more about how we can protect your rights and interests, we invite you to contact our offices today to schedule your free consultation. Call us toll free at or or contact us online.