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Attention To Detail In Estate Planning And Estate Administration

Estate planning is a valuable action that anyone can take to plan their legacy and provide direction to their family members. Estate administration is the process for setting the estate of a loved one who has died. Whether you are looking to create or update a will or you have been appointed as executor, a skilled attorney can make all the difference in making sure things are done properly and efficiently.

At Carter Craig, Attorneys at Law, we offer the people of Pittsylvania County and Southside Virginia more than 65 years of experience from our Danville office. We are a boutique law firm with local legal advisers who help clients with the legal challenges they may be facing, whether it is developing an estate plan or administering an estate.

Estate Plans For Peace Of Mind

Estate planning is not just creating a will for when you pass. When you come to us for legal assistance, we can help you with all the challenges of estate planning, including:

  • Setting up wills and/or trusts to pass on your estate and assets when you want and how you want
  • Establishing a power of attorney to act on your behalf when you are not able to act on your own, such as managing your business and financial affairs
  • Develop a living will or advance directive to make your wishes known when you are incapacitated by illness or injury.

Guidance For The Probate Process

We can also assist with estate administration and Virginia probate proceedings. When a loved one passes and you are appointed as the representative of the estate, we can assist with tasks like paying the remaining debts of the estate, notifying and closing any accounts, disbursing assets, getting accurate valuations of properties and any other task that is necessary.

Our attorneys are also prepared to assist with litigation matters involving will contests, misappropriated assets or breach of fiduciary duty. We represent executors, heirs and family members who feel they were unfairly deprived of an expected inheritance through fraud or undue influence.

Leave Your Planning And Administration To Us

For legal guidance you can trust with your estate planning goals or probate assistance, contact our Danville law firm today. Call us at 866-605-6017 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation. There is no telling what tomorrow may bring, making now the best time to reach out to us.